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Remote Learning


Below, you will find solutions to common support queries.

Devices and browsers 

Frog will work on all devices. Here is which browser works best on a range of devices:

Windows Laptops, Windows PCs, Chromebooks and Apple Mac:

We recommend using Google Chrome on these devices.

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch:

We recommend using the Safari browser on these devices.

PlayStation and Xbox:

Click here for guidance on how to access on Frog on your console.

When I launch a Frog quiz, it asks me for a 'FrogPlay ID' or automatically closes?

The device you are using may need to be told it's okay to allow Frog quizzes.

You can find out how to change the device settings (you only need to do this once) by clicking here.

Support with Zoom 

All live lessons will be using the Zoom platform. To access the lessons, it is important you have set up your Zoom account to be used with the school. If you have not yet done this, click the link below to visit the Zoom sign in page. Then follow the video below to set up your account. Once you have created your account, follow the instructions on the rest of this page.

Click here to access the Zoom sign in page.



After you have created your account, open up Zoom on your device and choose the 'Sign in with Google' option.

Enter your school Google email address and follow the rest of the steps.



I need support with a different issue

Click here to complete a support form. A member of staff will then get back to you as soon as possible.