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Greenshaw High School


At Greenshaw we are always seeking new ways to support our students. All students are entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum, which is relevant to their individual needs. 

Our work with students who have special educational needs is in line with the Code of Practice on the Identification and Assessment of Special Educational Needs.

Our aim is to identify students who have special educational needs, assess those needs in consultation with the parents and the students themselves and plan an appropriate, graduated response.

We will seek to match the level of help we offer to the needs of the individual student. Progress will be reviewed regularly and parents will be consulted and kept informed.

For some students, the school will want to seek advice from outside agencies such as the educational psychologist. This would be discussed with parents and they would be kept fully informed of any advice the school might receive.

Finally, the best progress for all students is made when a partnership exists between home and school. This is particularly true for students with special educational needs. The school may ask parents to work with their children and to help them at home. Parental support and encouragement are vital.

Parents are welcome to contact the school in order to discuss their concerns. There are regular parents’ evenings throughout the year, but parents can make an appointment to discuss their child’s progress with Heads of Year, or the SEND leads at any time during the year.          

Inclusion at Greenshaw includes the following departments: Alternative Provision, Learning Support, Speech and Language and The Junction. Please see individual pages for further details and contact information.