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At Key Stage 3, our students develop their mathematical skills covering the topics of number, calculations, fractions, 2D geometry, algebra, proportion, 3D geometry and statistics. Students are set in all years from early in Year 7. This allows students to work at the most appropriate pace whilst ensuring that work can be set at a level that suitably challenges all students. Setting arrangements are regularly reviewed.

At Key Stage 4, students prepare for GCSE (Edexcel) exams in both mathematics and statistics. More able students also take a qualification in additional mathematics, giving them experience of A level work.

Staff seek to inspire and motivate their students and the subject is presented in a wide variety of ways including those using technology such as computers and interactive whiteboards. We look for opportunities to extend our more able students and arrange various activities including entry into UK Maths Challenge competitions.

Mathematics is a very popular option at Key Stage 5 and we offer AS and A2 courses in both Mathematics and Further Mathematics.

For more detailed course information, please see the curriculum guides. Downloads to help with classwork, extended work or coursework, can be found on Frog.

Mr M Sharpe is Head of Maths and Mr D Jones is Director of Maths and Statistics, Mrs R Siva is Year 7 Maths Co-ordinator, Miss A Fingleton is Year 8 Maths Co-ordinator and Mr V Nair is KS4 Maths Co-ordinator.

Other members of the team are Miss J Bhatia, Mr D Garvey, Mrs E Turnbull, Miss C Goodgame, Miss H Oliver, Mrs L Hurley, Ms I Khan, Mrs R Blackham, Mrs N Haq and Mrs S Ernstzen.