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Greenshaw is a successful and popular school with an established record of nurturing high levels of attainment in its students.

We provide a first rate teaching environment that challenges all students to achieve their very best and an individual pastoral support programme to guide them in this endeavour. At the heart of our enterprise are our core values, with their emphasis on equality of opportunity, respect for others and the value of learning.

Upon these foundations we have built a thriving educational establishment, where students have flourished and continued to study a wide range of subjects at some of our country’s most prestigious universities. We welcome the fact that, year on year, a growing number of students aspire to join our Sixth Form. We are matching this burgeoning demand with an expansion of the facilities that are available and the courses that are on offer.

We are firmly of the belief that the quality of teaching and level of pastoral care we provide are of the highest quality and, in choosing Greenshaw as the place to continue with your education, you are making a wise choice, one that will set you on the right path to a successful future.